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Rieks Lonsain
Long distance
specialist from
Nieuwleusen, Holland.
Welcome to my website.
Aart Bakker


Rieks Lonsain
Burg. Backxlaan 58
7711 AH Nieuwleusen
Tel: 0031 621 801 527
I am Rieks Lonsain, born in 1978 in Staphorst and since 2009 living in Nieuwleusen where I have my business as a stonemason. Because I had some pigeons flying around I came in contact with the sport of racing pigeons, since 1993 I am an active member. At first I played my birds, as anyone probably will do, on different distances, from 100 - 1000 km, but my heart went out to playing long distance races so in the year 2000 I decided to specialise. In that period I also played the so called ZLU races. International raced in where the birds are released in the morning. These races for me were much more interesting and that is why in 2009 I decided to specialize in these flights.

I hope you will enjoy my website.